The OXOMI service plans equally apply to wholesale, industry and associations. The basic plan does not contain a portal. Therefore it only suits content providers (manufacturers) that want to forward content to distribution partners via partnerships without using it themselves.

Own Content

The amount of files that can be uploaded per content type (document, video, gallery, item) is limited depending on the service plan used. The amount of industry content that wholesalers and associations can use via partnerships is unlimited.

Example: A wholesaler operates a portal importing the current catalogs of his suppliers. This allows to build up a huge amount of data being always up-to-date.


Partnerships are a very important feature of OXOMI. Manufacturers that provide content for wholesalers and associations via OXOMI have full control over who gets to access it – because of partnerships. As long as no partnership between the companies exists, wholesalers and associations can neither see nor use a manufacturers content. Both sides can request a partnership, the other party has to accept afterwards. This way existing business relations are replicated. The amount of partnerships a manufacturer can accept is limited depending on the service plan in use and can be increased with an upgrade.

Weighting factor

A partnership with a company generally also counts as only one partnership towards the partnership limit of your account. However, some companies in OXOMI have a so-called weighting factor on them, due to their outstanding size (e.g. accounts of big associations). A partnership with those companies counts more towards your partnership limit, how much depends on the factor’s size.


Galleries are images, within which other OXOMI-content can be linked (e.g. documents, videos, item data). A gallery contains any amount of images which can be browsed through. Your service plan’s limit refers to the amount of images used in your galleries. In order to provide 360°-galleries the upgrade of the same name is required.


Portals visualize product information on screen – yours, as well as your partners’. Which content types can be displayed in your portals depends on your service plan, as well as the upgrades in use. All content, (documents, videos, galleries, item data) that your accounts’ portals are able to display, is automatically updated when uploaded to OXOMI. This simplifies and improves product information management for back office and sales force alike. Options to search through everything, to compile and link information and most importantly to integrate the content (see ‘Infoplay’) in any other system improve the daily work routine of the users.


The OXOMI pro service plan offers options to filter for language or country when calling a portal using the interface. This way there’s nothing in the way of offering a multilingual OXOMI portal.

Mobile usage

The upgrade “mobile usage” offers a PDF viewer for mobile devices within your portals. This function is based on HTML5, the Adobe Flash plugin is not required.


Infoplay is the integrated Enterprise Service Bus. It provides numerous interfaces and thus enables the integration of OXOMI into the existing IT environment:

  • Online shop integration
  • ERP system integration
  • Single-sign on for intranet portals

Contract information

All contracts are valid until cancellation, since all plans and upgrades are software license fees. We are convinced of our product – so the period of notice for cancellation is one month. We bill yearly, invoices are sent on the beginning of every year for the current year. In case of a cancellation you will receive a credit memo.