You need a flexible, fast and user-friendly platform to distribute your product and marketing material? OXOMI has got you covered. Join the network of more than 1900 companies already taking advantage of it.

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Substantially increase your reach of wholesalers and associations.

Access your marketing material directly through our OXOMI portal. It’s user-friendly, fast and compatible with multiple devices such as smartphones, computers etc. Simply log in via your browser or our app.



Provide access to documents (PDF files) such as catalogues, price lists, data sheets as well as images, videos, and galleries – link these to your products and easily integrate them into your website, online shop, and/or ERP system through javascript widgets. Sounds pretty technical? We’re happy to assist you with any technical questions.

Get Started With our Free Basic Version

Our basic plan is free of charge and allows up to five partnerships. On top of this, you can upload a maximum of 100 documents – this makes our free version the ideal way to get to know OXOMI. Of course, you can upgrade your account any time. To learn more, take a look at our plans and rates.


OXOMI is what’s called software as a service. Right. The whole system works without downloading and installing specific or complicated software. But we don’t want to exaggerate – there are two things that you’ll need: A browser and access to the internet.

The Principle of OXOMI

Increase your reach via partnerships

If you’re a manufacturer, your marketing material (e.g. catalogues, images, videos etc.) automatically gets forwarded to wholesalers and associations in top quality. All you need to do is to create a partnership on OXOMI with your company of choice. The desired company needs to have an OXOMI account as well.

Once you’re partners, you’re all set and get to enjoy the advantages that come with OXOMI. It’s up to you, the provider, to decide which customer may access your uploaded marketing material. You get to choose who receives the whole range or specific parts of your marketing material. In other words, requested and accepted partnerships are what get the ball rolling.

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Visualization in Portals

Showcasing product and marketing information isn’t just useful when it comes to wholesalers, it also comes in handy for you, the manufacturer. By using a portal, your employees can find all the information they need in one spot, such as documents and videos etc. that address specific topics. Make your OXOMI portal part of your daily business routine and work flow to say bye-bye to big file cabinets wasting valuable space.

Enhance Your Website

OXOMI offers more than the transfer of marketing material. The content you upload to OXOMI can be built into your website directly (and dynamically). So, besides forwarding it to your partners you also get to decide if you’d like to showcase your complete product portfolio (or a limited selection of it) on your website.


Customer Support

Do you have questions or suggestions? Feel free to call or email us anytime. Our customer support is available Monday through Friday and will be happy to assist you.

Safe Data Transfer

Our OXOMI data center is located in Germany and therefore subjected to German regulations. We'll keep all your data safe.

Updates and APIs

You'll always stay up to date thanks to weekly updates such as newly added features and revised settings which lead to a user-friendly OXOMI experience.


More than 1900 companies are already using OXOMI.

Find out more about our service plans and upgrades. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our customer support via email. We’re happy to help.

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